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Invalid client: client is invalid

After consideration from my previous topic, I actually decided to migrate my instance to a different VPS (actually having great specs with 6 vCPU’s, 8 GB RAM, 700 GB NVMe storage for just €15 a month, have a look at strato.nl if you’re interested).

So, I migrated following the migration documentation and the server is up and has all data. Thing is: I can’t login. I get the error: « Invalid client: client is invalid ».

Looking around, I can’t find a terrible lot that fits my situation. It’s a non-docker install and the instance has identical configuration (I scp’ed it all) for /var/www/peertube/config, /etc/nginx/sites-enabled, /etc/letsencrypt, and /etc/systemd/system/peertube.service

Am I forgetting anything? What could be wrong?

Ah, I needed to changethe DNS (or change the hostname in the config). Knew I was overlooking something :sweat_smile:



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