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Local transcoding

d71a876ab463922f105d212d0610fe9980892118 Local transcoding


My instance has low traffic and occasionally transcodes a video when importing from YouTube. This is however often too much for my tiny VPS service, bringing the website down, sometimes even needing a reboot of the server itself.

Of course I could upgrade the server to have stronger CPU capabilities. But 99% of the time that isn’t going to be utilised, so I’ve been putting that off since it does cost me money after all.

So, I was thinking: wouldn’t it be possible to just run the peertube-import-videos.js script locally? Yes, I know you already do that, but the way I understand it, it still get transcoded on the server after uploading. Now, is it possible to do that transcoding locally on my computer as well and upload the result to the PeerTube instance?



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